The Diamond Dream Team

With the focus on our passion, dreams and goals
we build our business with 1Fashion Global Group



Promoters & Leaders Worldwide

We are promoters en leaders from different parts of the world and have chosen to represent 1Fashion Global while building our business. We focus on the English and Dutch market.

Work from Anywhere, Anytime with Anyone

The greatest about working from home is that you just need a laptop and phone. You can work where you want, how you want and with who you want!


Earn with your Passion

Passion for Fashion? Then this is totally your thing. We teach you the skills and give you the tools to become independent asap. You are responsible for your own business but you are not on your own! We help, you do business.


Online is the future! Network marketing is a better way to start your own business with a low investement. Invest in YOU and develop yourself and your entrepreneurial skills on the job! Besides you contribute to a prosperous economy.

The man behind Virgin records, Sir Richard Branson is a big fan of Network Marketing!

Get informed and start today!


At a young age I knew I was not born to work for someone else’s dream. Lack of knowledge and not having the right mindset back in the days I reallt wanted to have my own business hasn’t brought me any closer to my goals and there was no one out there who could show me the way. My ignorance for network marketing didn’t let me look into this amazing profession. I had to move to another country to get out of my comfortable environment to find myself again. It was because of my desire and not accepting I was born to just work for someone else, pay my bills and die. I chose to look into network marketing anyway! Because of it I developed myself as an entrepreneur. I’ve studied, learned and work daily on my personal and entrepreneurial development and applied all in my own business online. Because of this I now have the skills and knowledge to make a success of my business, my life and help as many people as possible. You do not learn this at school or by working for a boss! I highly recommend everyone to take a serious look if you have the desire to have your own business, or if you are unhappy with your life and want to change your life!

 – Lilliana Neves, Founder The Diamond Dream Team

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Lilliana Neves

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